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Welcome to the world of music production where creativity takes center stage and beats are the backbone of every great track. If you've ever wanted to create professional-level beats that are custom-made for your unique style, then look no further than my new Pro Level Beats Course: Music Production Ninja. In this comprehensive program, I will guide you through each step of the beat-making process, equipping you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to produce standout tracks that captivate audiences worldwide. Get ready to design your inner musical genius and take your beats from amateur to pro in no time!


Music Production Ninja: The 3 Courses

My complete Music Production Ninja Program is for beginner to intermediate level producers and for experienced beat-makers that desire to go back and learn the fundamentals of audio engineering, songwriting, and music production. The program is divided into 3 courses that allows you to pay at one-time or as you go. I suggest you take each course over approximately 30 days to give yourself enough time to practice and master each of the 81 music production skills you will learn throughout the program. The first course BALANCE focuses on digital audio workstations, sound, signal processing, and mixing. The 2nd course STRUCTURE is the fundamentals of MIDI, music, songwriting, and artistic vision. Course 3, PANORAMA, is all about vocal production, recording, editing, and performance.


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DAW Navigation and The Foundations of Beat Production

The process of navigating within a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). A DAW is music production software that allows users to create, record, edit, and mix audio tracks. Having a solid understanding of your virtual recording studio is key for any aspiring music producer as it will allow you to efficiently process your tracks and understand the mixing process. I teach the program using Ableton Live but the concepts I teach can easily be applied to your favorite DAW like FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, or even a pro-level analog recording studio. These are timeless skills and techniques that have been around since the 1980’s and some even as far back as the 1950’s. 


Navigating a DAW involves mastering skills such as locating different sections within the interface, opening new projects or sessions, importing audio files, setting up virtual instruments and effects plugins, arranging tracks on the timeline or grid, editing MIDI data or audio waveforms, applying automation techniques, handling track routing and bussing options, exporting final mixes or stems - just to name a few. With proper knowledge of DAW navigation techniques, producers can streamline their workflow and focus more on creativity rather than being bogged down by technicalities.


Mixing & Mastering: Professional Level Sound Quality

Mixing and mastering are two essential steps in the music production process that can elevate your beats to a professional level. Mixing involves balancing all the individual elements of your track, such as drums, bass, synths, and vocals, to create a cohesive sound. This includes adjusting volume levels, panning instruments in the stereo field for depth and width, adding effects like reverb or delay for spatial enhancement, and EQing each element so they sit well together.


Mastering is the final step of polishing your tracks before they are ready for distribution. It involves fine-tuning the overall sound of your mix by making small adjustments to EQ, compression, stereo imaging, and limiting. Mastering also ensures that your tracks have consistent loudness levels across different platforms while still maintaining clarity and dynamics.


By learning proper mixing and mastering techniques through my pro level beats course: Music Production Ninja you will gain access to industry-standard tools used by professionals along with invaluable knowledge from an experienced producer with 35 years experience. Whether you're an aspiring producer or already creating beats but want to take them to the next level in terms of sound quality - this course is designed specifically with you in mind. 


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Signal Processing Sonic Wizardry

Signal processing usually takes up the majority of the time you spend mixing. I’ll show you how to manipulate your audio tracks and enhance the quality and character of your beats with EQ and dynamic processors like compressors, gates, de-essers, and limiters. By mastering signal processing, you will unlock a world of sonic possibilities that will elevate your tracks to professional-level status.


We’ll also focus on parallel processing with the time and space effects, reverb and delay plus modulation effects like chorus and flanger. You can add depth, movement, and dimension to your beats and process sound using effects sends and returns instead of always inserting effects on individual channels. These sonic manipulations are what separate amateur productions from those that captivate audiences worldwide. This part of my comprehensive course curriculum is where a lot of the magic secrets of mixing and sound are revealed. You'll acquire the skills needed to transform your beats into masterpieces worthy of industry recognition. Get ready to discover a whole new level of creativity as you harness the power of signal processing!


The Foundations of Beat Production 

The fundamental principles behind creating compelling beats. In order to produce professional-level beats that stand out in today's highly competitive music industry, it is essential to have a strong foundation understanding how music and songs work. This includes understanding rhythmic elements such as tempo, time signatures, drum programming techniques like creating grooves using various drum sounds (kick drums, snares, hats etc.), sample manipulation, s sound design using synthesisers(I. e., Plugins with VST), incorporating musical elements like melody and harmony alongside percussion elements for added depth and complexity. Proper understanding of these foundational concepts will enable producers to craft beats that are not only technically proficient but also emotionally impactful.


This pro level beats course will focus on helping you create You-Type Beats instead of only simply copying the styles that already exist. I aim to provide aspiring producers with comprehensive guidance on all relevant music production skills and concepts that will push you towards refining your unique style and sound. With the right tools, knowledge, and a commitment to honing your craft, you can take your beats from ordinary to extraordinary and make an impact on the global music scene.


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Mastering Rhythm and the Art of Drum Programming

Understanding rhythm and drum programming is essential for any music producer looking to create professional-level beats. Rhythm is the driving force behind every great track, setting the mood, energy, and groove that keeps listeners hooked. It is what gives a song its infectious quality and makes it memorable.


Let’s face it, music theory is boring! I want you to rethink music theory and focus on mastering only the key elements that truly matter to you on a daily basis. From understanding different time signatures to creating intricate drum patterns, you will learn the techniques used by top producers to make their music and beats stand out from the rest.


Throughout this course, you will gain expertise in choosing the right sounds, layering them effectively, and programming unique patterns that enhance your beats' impact. With my step-by-step music production ninja system, you'll be able to create professional-sounding drums that elevate your tracks to new heights and unlock your potential as a beat-making maestro.


Exploring Melody and Harmony in Your Beats

Melody and harmony play an effective role in capturing the attention of listeners. Exploring melody allows you to create catchy hooks and memorable musical phrases that stick in people's minds. Whether you choose to use melodic instruments like pianos or synths, or experiment with vocal samples, finding the right melodies can elevate your beats to another level.


Harmony and layering adds depth and richness to your beats by layering different chords and progressions underneath the melody. Understanding chord structures, scales, and inversions will help you create harmonies that complement your melodies and give them a sense of progression. Don't be afraid to try out different chord combinations or explore unconventional harmonic approaches - this is where creativity flourishes!


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Enhancing Your Beats with Unique Sound Design

Being able to design your own sounds instead of relying on presets created by other producers is a way for you to really feel like you are in control of your beats and music. While a catchy melody or solid rhythm can lay the foundation for a great beat, it's often the unique sounds and textures that can truly set it apart from others.


Sound design involves creating and manipulating audio elements to produce custom sounds that are distinctive and memorable. By experimenting with different synthesizers, effects, and sample manipulation techniques, you can add depth and personality to your beats. You might focus on incorporating organic instruments or crafting futuristic synthesized soundscapes to define your signature sound. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing sounds that align with your artistic vision.


Not only does unique sound design enhance the overall quality of your beats, but it also helps establish your signature style as a producer. When listeners recognize those distinct sonic elements in your tracks, they become drawn to your music and form a connection with it. This sense of individuality is what sets you apart in a highly saturated industry and allows you to create beats that resonate with audiences on a deeper level.


Crafting Catchy Hooks and Choruses

This might be the most essential skill for any music producer looking to create standout tracks. Hooks, often found in the intros or choruses of songs, are memorable melodies or phrases that grab the listener's attention and keep them engaged throughout the song. They act as a musical "hook" that latches onto the listener's ear and stays with them long after they've finished listening, even after only hearing the song one time.


To craft a catchy hook, it's important to focus on creating a melody that is simple yet infectious. A catchy hook should be easy to remember and sing along to, making it more likely to stick in the listener's mind. Additionally, using repetition can be effective in making your hook memorable - repeating certain words or phrases will help reinforce its impact.


Choruses play a critical role in shaping the structure of a song and are often considered one of the most important parts. Similar to hooks, choruses should have strong melodies that command attention while also conveying emotion and driving home the message of the song. Building a powerful chorus involves finding just the right balance between familiarity - giving listeners something they can latch onto - and surprise - introducing new elements or variations that keep things interesting.


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Vocal Recording & Production

A well-crafted vocal performance can elevate a beat to new heights, capturing the attention of listeners and conveying emotions with utmost clarity. In PANORAMA, the last course in my Music Production Ninja program, we'll focus on the importance of vocals in creating impactful tracks, and I’ll provide you with expert guidance on how to record, edit, and layer your vocal performances like a pro.


Recording vocals involves more than just setting up a microphone and hitting “record”. It requires careful consideration of factors such as microphone selection, placement techniques, acoustic treatment, and signal processing to achieve optimal results. My pro-level beats program dives deep into these aspects, teaching you the secrets behind professional-quality vocal recordings. From choosing the right microphone that complements your voice tone to using advanced mixing techniques to create a balanced and professional final sound, we cover it all step-by-step.


Vocal production – the art of enhancing vocals through subtle yet powerful techniques like adding harmonies or doubling effects for depth and richness or applying precise pitch correction or dynamic processing for smoothness and control. My comprehensive curriculum equips you with the skills needed to take your vocal productions from ordinary to extraordinary. With hands-on practice exercises, you'll be able to produce stunning vocals that perfectly complement your beats.


Gear up for an unforgettable journey into the world of professional-level beat-making where captivating vocals, custom sound design, and mastering 81 timeless fundamental skills, meet exceptional production values. Join me today and  sign up for discounted early access to Music Production by filling out the form at: MusicProduction.Ninja now.


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