You be the Hero. Let me be your Guide.


You've probably heard about the 10,000-hour rule...

It's been said that anyone can be an expert at anything if they do it for 10,000 hours. Well, I've been teaching recording and music production to beginners and up-and-coming singers, songwriters, musicians, rappers, beatmakers, producers, djs, and music fans of all styles and genres, on laptops and in professional recording studios since 1994.

That's over...

10,000 days



Hey, I'm Futch 👋

Ableton Certified Trainer, Certified Meditation Coach, and Music Production Coach.

My mission with LEVELS is to help you learn the fundamentals and experience recording and music production quickly and easily.

I've taught audio engineering, mixing, recording, and music production to hundreds of people since 1994 and I've been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2019. As an artist, I make dub techno electronic music under the alias Dystopian Soundscapes.

Let me help you transform from a music fan into a music producer.


"The first time I walked into a recording studio I fell in love with how everything, and everyone, was connected."

Someone told me "If you want to be a music producer, just start telling people you're a music producer. So I did... and it worked. Of course, there's a second part to that advice that is equally important: You have to learn the fundamentals of recording and music production. I can help YOU do that quickly and easily.

Below are some songs and albums I've produced, recorded, and mixed over the years.


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Some of the albums I've produced, recorded and mixed over the years. See more on Discogs.

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Patrick B.

"The 8 months I spent with Futchman 100% changed my life, a master in creating passion, his larger than life personality, His massive and never-ending music knowledge and history, his unique and innovative approach to teaching have all provided me with countless fun times and endless lessons. That and his constant positivity, openness and just generally good vibes allowed him to achieve the almost impossible in terms of me actually enjoying the schooling I received, learning from Futch will not only make you enjoy what you’re learning but you’ll learn things you might not have known you needed."

Zaira M.

"Futch made my learning process interesting and fun at the same time. I thought I would have some trouble trying to pick up concepts and topics since English is not my first language, and what I appreciate the most is that he wouldn’t finish lectures without making sure everyone got it right. He’s also super fun and I loved that he encouraged me (and my classmates) to participate and get involved in every aspect of the course. Thank you Futch!"

Sam W.

Futch was a great teacher! After focusing more on the technical side of things for the beginning of my training I started learning from Futch. We dove straight into the subject matter that throughout my career has played a very important role above compression ratios or A/D conversion and that is relationships with people, communication, and the foundation of the songs. I learnt a lot about how to communicate with artists inside and outside of a studio environment, truly exploring what I love about a song, and how to take a demo and see it through to the end while keeping everyone happy, motivated and heard. I would recommend classes with Futch to anyone that is wanting to learn how to produce music in a modern creative environment and truly learn what the song and your artist's needs.

Casandra F.

"I was fortunate enough to have Futch as a music production instructor for a few months. It was some of the best times I have had to this day. His charisma and passion for sharing knowledge made being in class my favourite place to be.  Truly a great instructor and amazing person."


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