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Futch is such an incredible teacher! I took Balance part I and it was everything I needed. Such an amazing energy and just a cool dude in general!

-KenZn Music

The essential of mixing without a headache. Futch is a dedicated producer with lots of knowledge that is sought after.

Angel L.

I participated in the inaugural “Balance” cohort. Through Levels, I was given the resources and support I needed not only to reinforce the most important fundamentals of music production, but also tackle advanced techniques and think outside the box. I will be back and look forward to being part of the growing Levels community!

Liam S.

You be the hero, let me be your guide.

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Mar 24, 2023

Elisa P.

"Futch has a way of inspiring his students well beyond the time spent with him in the classroom. Between imparting the wisdom of 30+ years of audio and instructional experience and his sheer energy to create, explore, motivate and uplift is a raw passion for music that truly spreads like wildfire. Speaking from experience, anyone who chooses to study with Futch will no doubt carry their experience through a lifelong career in music. And on the many, many occasions I’ve needed a little motivational push, Futchman has always had my back."

Cam T. AKA Sleepy Tom

"Futch is one of a kind! His excitement for music is infectious, which makes for a fun and productive work environment! He’s one of my most memorable mentors and has been a great help throughout."

Kentya K. (Stella Soul)

"First off, Futch will make you feel COMFORTABLE. So don't worry about being nervous, that leaves the door after one day. He taught me how to make artists (including myself) feel good behind the mic and how to talk with them during a vocal session which is important because not everyone is spot on and you just have to be patient with them!"


"Futch is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and passionate about music production. Being new to the world of music production, he explained things to me in a way that no YouTube video or book could explain. Even when I didn't understand something we'd keep working at it till it did. Futch, in his own way, is the Yoda of music production and possesses a wealth of knowledge that anyone can benefit from."

Aish P.

"Hey Futch, Just wanted to let you know that you're one of the coolest teachers I have ever had. You are really good at inspiring people, and such a positive force. You are one of those people who can find the good in anything. I absolutely loved these classes, you made Production so fun. I love your tangents as much as I love your teaching. And I'm really looking forward to your podcast, you're so perfect for this platform. Thanks for everything Futch! Stay awesome!"

Daniel K. AKA Yudu

"One of the coolest dudes you'll ever meet. Futch really helped simplify things down for me so that I wasn't overwhelmed with choices. He taught me to think outside the box, to step off of the beaten path, and go with what's most important; what sounds good."

Music Production for Beginners

Are you new to music production? Start with these confusing music production terms explained using simple definitions.

Free resource: Music Production TERMS

Raven J.

"It has been a privilege to be taught by Futch. He brings his authentic self to the table every time, with real feedback and all the encouragement you could wish for to help push you in the right direction. There are so many things I've learned from Futch that I think about every day, one being to always invest in things that go under you and I can't think of a better way than to invest in being taught by him. He is an artist at his very core and a truly inspiring teacher, instructor and mentor." 

Steph H. (Parlour Panther)

"My biggest takeaway from my time with Futch is how important it is to incorporate creativity into everything you do. Once you know the rules, it can be really fun to break them on purpose. Sometimes what you’re trying to accomplish doesn’t work out. But sometimes you create magic that you wouldn’t have ever thought of if you weren’t committed to trying out some weirdness. Just yesterday I put a wacky vocal effect on a harmony that I wasn’t sure would fit, and after messing with it for a long time it really elevated that section of the song. Futch taught me how to think differently about production and mixing and get weird with it!"

Andrew C. AKA Dreema

"Futch not only gave me the technical ability to produce the music I've always dreamed of making, but gave me the mindset to become a free-thinker and find my artistic identity."

The 7 STAGES of Music Production 

Get your FREE pdf download that breaks down the 7 main stages of the music production process.

Free resource: 7 STAGES

David C. AKA Marleau

"The best thing I learned from Futch was how to get the most out of an artist in the studio by creating a positive and light atmosphere so that they immediately feel comfortable and therefore give their best performance. I use this skill every time I am in the studio with a new artist. On the very first day of class, Futch broke the tension with our group by cracking jokes and making us play an upright bass (which none of us knew how to play). I realized how it made us all feel very comfortable with him right away and we were all excited to come to class every day. I try to recreate the same light mood in the studio with artists so that they feel at ease being themselves."

Fynn M.

"Futch is genuinely your biggest fan, always striving for you to become the best version of yourself. Easily favorite teacher I've ever had."


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