The Top 10 Free Plugins for Mixing & Mastering in 2024

The Top 10 Free Plugins for Mixing & Mastering in 2024

With constant advancements in technology, it's now easier than ever to access high-quality plugins so you can step up your mixing and mastering game without spending a dime. In this article, we will explore the top 10 free plugins for mixing and mastering in 2024. These 10 plugins are sure to enhance your workflow and deliver exceptional results for any style of music in any DAW. Shoutout to TBProAudio for having 4 of the 10!


TBProAudio MV Meter

VU Meter for Visualizing the RMS Average of the Mix

The TBProAudio MV Meter is a powerful plugin designed to help mix engineers visualize and monitor the RMS average of their audio mixes. With its accurate metering options, this free tool gives users a clear representation of how their music is balanced and whether certain elements are too loud or too soft. Featuring an intuitive interface, the MV Meter allows users to easily identify any potential problems in their mix by displaying real-time level readings. This not only helps with achieving optimal levels but also ensures that your tracks will sound great across different playback systems.


TBProAudio DPMeter

Digital Audio Meter for Integrated and Peak LUFS Measurements

The TBProAudio DPMeter is a powerful digital audio meter plugin that provides accurate measurements for both integrated and peak Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS) levels. It offers an intuitive interface with clear visual representations of your audio's loudness, making it easy to monitor and adjust levels during mixing and mastering. With the TBProAudio DPMeter, you can make sure your mixes are within industry-standard loudness targets, like the -14 LUFS reference for streaming platforms. The plugin also allows you to easily compare the loudness of different tracks in real-time, helping you achieve consistent levels across your entire project.


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TBProAudio ISOL8

5-Band Mix Monitoring Tools for Precise Frequency Band Analysis

TBProAudio ISOL8 is a powerful set of mix monitoring tools designed to provide precise frequency band analysis. With its five bands, this plugin allows you to analyze the audio spectrum and identify any problematic frequencies in your mix. This free plugin offers various features that make it an essential tool for any mixing or mastering engineer. It provides individual gain controls for each EQ band, allowing you to adjust the level of specific frequency ranges and achieve a balanced mix. Additionally, ISOL8 includes a solo mode that lets you isolate individual bands, making it easier to focus on specific elements of your mix.


TBProAudio GSatPlus

Saturation for Overdriving High Midrange Harmonics

The TBProAudio GSatPlus is a powerful plugin that specializes in adding saturation to high midrange harmonics. Designed specifically for mixing and mastering, this free plugin offers precise control over the amount of saturation applied, allowing you to achieve just the right amount of warmth and character without sacrificing clarity. With its intuitive interface and adjustable parameters, the GSatPlus allows you to shape your sound with ease, whether you're looking to add vintage analog vibes or boost the presence of a particular instrument.


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Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Nova

Dynamic Equalizer for Surgical Precision in Mixing

Combining surgical precision with dynamic equalization, the TDR Nova plugin by Tokyo Dawn Labs is a powerful tool for achieving exceptional results in mixing. Featuring six different filter types and an intuitive user interface, TDR Nova allows you to target specific frequencies and adjust them with unparalleled accuracy. Whether you need to tame harsh highs, boost low-end punch, or sculpt your sound in any other way, this plugin gives you the control needed to achieve your desired tonal balance. By effortlessly adapting to changes in amplitude, this plugin guarantees optimal audio quality throughout your entire track.


Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Kotelnikov

Transparent Mastering Compressor for Smooth Dynamics Control

Tokyo Dawn Labs' TDR Kotelnikov is a top-notch plugin renowned for its transparent mastering compression capabilities. It excels at maintaining the natural dynamics of your mix while providing precise control over the audio level. With its advanced algorithms, this compressor ensures seamless integration into various musical genres. The TDR Kotelnikov offers an intuitive user interface that allows effortless tweaking of parameters such as attack, release, and sidechain filtering. It also includes a unique Delta mode that displays the difference between input and output signals in real-time, giving you valuable insights into how certain settings affect your sound.



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Boz Labs Panipulator

Stereo Monitoring Tool for Mono Compatibility

The Boz Labs Panipulator is a powerful stereo monitoring tool designed to help you maintain mono compatibility in your mixes. With an intuitive interface and some advanced features, this plugin allows you to easily check how your mix might translate to different devices and speakers. It provides a variety of monitoring options, including an adjustable width control that allows you to simulate mono playback. This feature is crucial if you want to make sure your mix translates well across all systems. Another standout feature is the 2 phase buttons that can reverse the polarity relationship between the left and right channels. This helps you identify any phase cancellation issues that could affect the overall clarity and impact of your mix.

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YouLean Loudness Meter

LUFS Meter to Find the True Perceived Loudness

The YouLean Loudness Meter is a powerful plugin that helps you accurately measure and adjust the loudness of your audio tracks. By using LUFS (Loudness Units Relative to Full Scale), this meter provides an objective measurement of perceived loudness, taking into account our ears' sensitivity to different frequencies. With its intuitive interface, you can easily visualize the dynamic range and make informed decisions on how to balance your mix or master for optimal results.

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Techivation T-De-esser

Musical De-Esser for Smoothing Out High Frequencies

The T-De-Esser is a powerful plugin designed to tackle the issue of sibilance in vocals and other high-pitched sounds. It helps reduce harshness without sacrificing clarity, making it an invaluable tool for mixing and mastering. With its user-friendly interface, the T-De-Esser allows you to precisely control the de-essing process. You can adjust the intensity of the reduction and fine-tune the frequency range to target specific problem areas. This gives you complete control over how much sibilance is attenuated, ensuring that your mix maintains a natural and smooth sound.


Press Play Wave Breaker

True-Peak Limiter Designed for Transparent Output

The Press Play Wave Breaker is a top-notch true-peak limiter that delivers transparent output for your mixing and mastering needs. The Wave Breaker ensures your audio signal remains intact by accurately detecting and limiting any peaks, without affecting the overall dynamics of your mix. With its intuitive controls, even beginners can easily navigate through the plugin and make precise adjustments to achieve their desired sound. Whether you're working on vocals, drums, or instruments, the Wave Breaker adaptably handles different audio sources while maintaining its transparency.


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