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You don't have to be a musician to use Ableton Live. In fact, anyone can learn how to produce their own tracks using this powerful tool.

In this beginner level mini-course you will create your first song in Ableton Live in 90 minutes.

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Attention, aspiring Songwriters, Music Producers and Beatmakers!  

Are you tired of feeling lost and overwhelmed when you try to make your own music? Do you wish you had a simple, step-by-step guide to help you get started and make your first song? If so, then you're in the right place.

Introducing START: Ableton Live Mini-Masterclass, a FREE online course that will teach you everything you need to know to make a simple drum beat, bassline, melody and chord progression in just 90 minutes. Plus, you'll learn how to record your own voice and do vocal chop, so you can add your own personal touch to your music.

But this isn't just any course. This is a course designed by me, Futch. I have 35 years of experience in the music industry, and who know exactly what it takes to make a great song. I've distilled all of my knowledge into an easy-to-follow, actionable program that anyone can follow, regardless of their skill level.

So why wait? Sign up for START and make your first song in Ableton Live today, and take the first step towards becoming the music producer you've always dreamed of being. With our step-by-step guidance, you'll be making your first song in no time, and you'll have the skills and confidence to keep creating and improving.

And the best part? This course is completely FREE. That's right, you can get all of this valuable knowledge and experience without spending a penny. All you have to do is sign up and start learning.

So don't miss out on this opportunity. Enroll in START today, and start making the music you've always wanted to make.



Music Production Coach & Ableton Certified Trainer

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About Ableton Live

Ableton Live is an audio production software used by musicians around the world. It allows users to create music using a variety of instruments and effects. In this course, I'll teach you everything you need to know to get started creating music using Ableton Live using the 90-day free trial.

What you will learn:

Drums & Bass

After a quick tour around you will start programming a drum beat and writing a bassline

Chords & Percussion

Next we'll arrange a simple chord progression and add import a percussion loop

Melody & Mix

Finally we'll create a melody, do a quick mix and export your song so you can share it

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No Experience Necessary

All you will need is:

1. A Computer (Mac or PC)

2. Headphones or Speakers

3. A copy of Ableton Live Suite* (either purchased or the Free Trial is fine). *It needs to be Suite which is the top tier edition of Ableton live because we will be using instruments that aren't available in the lower tier editions (Standard, Intro, Lite)

You can take the course using a computer, mobile, or tablet but you will need a computer to run the Ableton Live software.


Here's a sample of what's inside...

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START Mini-Course


No other costs when you use the Abelton Live Free 90-day trial

  • Drum beat
  • Bassline
  • Chords
  • Percussion
  • Melody
  • Vocal Chop

Write a song to make your friends laugh...

in 90 minutes πŸ’» πŸŽΆπŸ˜‚


In this course, I'll teach you everything from scratch, including how to create beats, melodies, and chords, as well as how to arrange them into songs. I'll also show you how to add effects, loops, and more.

This course will take you through every aspect of creating music with Ableton Live, from learning how to record vocals to producing drum beats. By the end of the course, you'll be able to make your own original music.

60-day Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days you are unsatisfied with the results you get from my online courses just let me know and I will give you your money back.

I want to help you change your life for the better and achieve greatness in music production and song creation.


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Included with your Mini-Masterclass:

Setup Help 

Software install, computer audio setup and Ableton help guide.

Video Modules

Follow along at your own pace. Easily locate the main points.

Free Updates

Lifetime access to the Mini-Masterclass and any updates.

Mike C.

"Futch has allowed me to think wider by allowing me to be capable of ignoring the engineering rules of music to focus more on what sounds best for the desired effect. He brought forward a way of teaching that allowed me to discover musical experimentation at my own risk. An eye-opener for anyone thinking music production is done one way"

Dan B.

"Futch is the kind of teacher who makes learning fun and exciting. His enthusiasm and loveable personality paired with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge make him more than a formidable instructor. I learned a lot from him. Thanks Futch!"

Kelsey Jayde

"Futch was my instructor for four months, and I couldn’t have asked for a better more knowledgeable teacher. He was always delivering the information in an engaging and comprehensive way. Whether class was in person or online, Futch always made sure everyone was understanding and enjoying the lesson. He truly is a wonderful person and phenomenal teacher."

Watch this video to get a feel for the FREE course

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