Getting Started in Music Production: 5 Free Music Production Guides

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Beginner music producer setting up a home studio

Are you interested in music production but don't know where to start? With so many technical terms, tools and techniques, it can feel overwhelming to get started with music production and audio engineering. Luckily, there are many free resources available to help you navigate the world of music production. Here are five free music production guides to get you started as a beginner music producer.


111 Music Production Terms Translated 

The world of music production has its own unique jargon that can be confusing to newcomers. This guide provides easy-to-understand definitions of 111 music production terms, including "Phantom Power", "DAW", "Parallel Effects" and "DI Box". Understanding these terms is important if you want to be able to communicate with other producers, engineers, and musicians. 




Home Studio Setup Guide

Setting up a home studio can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. This guide provides tips and tricks on how to make your home studio sound acoustically decent without spending too much. From optimizing the room's layout to using affordable sound-absorbing materials, you'll learn how to create a space that is conducive to music production.



Magic EQ Settings

Equalization is one of the most important tools in music production, but it can be challenging to get the right sound. This guide provides a magic equalization curve that works on vocals, instruments, or even the whole mix. With these magic settings, you'll be able to quickly achieve a balanced sound without spending hours tweaking knobs.




Magic Reverb Settings

Reverb can add depth and atmosphere to a mix, but finding the right settings can be difficult for beginner producers. This guide provides an easy way to get great sounding reverb with any reverb plugin, including basic plugins like DVerb. By understanding the basic principles of reverb and following the recommended settings, you'll be able to add the right amount of reverb to your tracks without overwhelming the mix.



Magic Compressor Settings

Compressors are powerful tools that can help control dynamics and add punch to a track, but they can also be confusing to use for new producers, audio engineers, and mixers. This guide provides magic compressor settings to get you started on the right foot. The key is to understand the release time, and this guide breaks down the recommended settings for any vocals or instruments and in any situation.



These 5 FREE music production guides are great resources for anyone looking to get started in music production. They provide easy-to-understand definitions of technical terms, tips and tricks for optimizing your home studio, and recommended settings for essential tools like EQ, reverb and compressors. By using these resources, you'll be able to get started on your music production journey with confidence and ease. These 5 guides (and even more) can all be downloaded for free at


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