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During this Level you'll learn the foundational concepts needed for mixing songs that have impact and power.

Intro to DAW

I’ll show you how a DAW is actually just a software replica of the gear you’d find in an analog recording studio, and you can apply what you learn in this course anywhere, now and in the future. You can apply these concepts to your DAW of choice.

Intro to Mixing

We’ll take a look at how to maximize the efficiency of your monitoring setup and focus on the basics of mixing using only balance & pan. I’ll show you how to identify the main culprits in your home studio that cause you to hear things differently than they really are.

Intro to Sound

I’ll show you how important polarity and phase are to your kicks and snares and why it’s difficult to hear bass in a 10 foot square room. I’ll break down each part of the energy, frequency, and vibration that you’ll need to understand to measure each part.


During this level you'll learn how to process your audio tracks in series, parallel and in groups.

Intro to Series Processing

I’ll show you all about EQ and the 5 types of dynamic processors (including compressors and noise gates) and how and why we usually patch them in series on individual tracks. Learn and practice using my magic EQ and compressor settings.

Intro to Parallel Processing

I’ll show you why it’s better to send reverb and delay from parallel channel aux sends and then return them on their own channels and how to make dark plates and tape slaps that make the vocals sound 3D and amazing! 

Intro to Group Processing

I’ll show you how to divide your tracks into groups, process them with dynamics, EQ and parallel effects, and then export the groups as remix stems so you can collaborate with other artists, producers and mixers. 


During this level you'll learn the techniques to bring the quality of your mix up to a professional level.

Intro to Dynamics

I’ll show you how to control the peaks  of your signal, maximize the voltage, and manage your low end for maximum efficiency and clean bass. You need to have dynamics within your song's  arrangement, the individual track parts, and the whole mix as a group.

Intro to Automation

 There’s an art to balancing and panning the levels so you can hear everything in the mix. What we’re talking about here is providing som. Automate any button, knob and fader in your DAW and make the mix come alive with motion over time.

Intro to Mastering

Mastering is about quality control. It’s making sure your mix is free of noises, pop, and clicks and sounds great on every set of speakers or devices it’s played back on. From the phone, to the laptop, to the car, to the club, it’s gotta sound great everywhere.

Futch is such an incredible teacher! I took Balance part I and it was everything I needed. Such an amazing energy and just a cool dude in general!

-KenZn Music

The essential of mixing without a headache. Futch is a dedicated producer with lots of knowledge that is sought after.

Angel L.

I participated in the inaugural “Balance” cohort. Through Levels, I was given the resources and support I needed not only to reinforce the most important fundamentals of music production, but also tackle advanced techniques and think outside the box. I will be back and look forward to being part of the growing Levels community!

Liam S.

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Ross F.

"Futch has a unique teaching style which personally I learned a lot from. Whether you are beginner or advanced, engineer or a producer, you will hone your skills in a fun and engaging way. He’s also one of the funniest guys I have ever met."

Raven J.

"It has been a privilege to be taught by Futch. He brings his authentic self to the table every time, with real feedback and all the encouragement you could wish for to help push you in the right direction. There are so many things I've learned from Futch that I think about every day, one being to always invest in things that go under you and I can't think of a better way than to invest in being taught by him. He is an artist at his very core and a truly inspiring teacher, instructor and mentor."

Jack M.

 “Without a doubt, One of the best teachers I’ve ever had! I always left his class feeling inspired. He taught me how to change perspectives as well as how to adapt in a fast-paced studio environment. I have a lot of respect for Futch.”

Kentya K.

"First off, Futch will make you feel COMFORTABLE. So don't worry about being nervous, that leaves the door after one day. He taught me how to make artists (including myself) feel good behind the mic and how to talk with them during a vocal session. Which is important because not everyone is spot on and you just have to be patient with them!"

Scott O.

"Before having Futch as my professor, I spent 6 months in a highly technical audio engineering course. It was intense and slightly overwhelming. In contrast to this, Futch's lessons focused more on the holistic aspect of music production: from dealing with creative people, learning how to coax the best performance out of an artist, to analyzing songs and picking out their strengths and weaknesses. These lessons were invaluable, and really helped to put my whole education into perspective. I couldn't ask for a better mentor or friend."

Joe M.

"I have learned so much from this great person! From synthesis to producing for yourself and other artists, you will learn how important everything is and where everything needs to be placed in order to make outstanding tracks."