Ableton Live: How to Get Back to the Demo Song

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An Ableton Live user listens to the demo song for inspiration

** Update: This post explains how to get back to the Ableton Live 11 demo song. If you are using Ableton Live 12 please check out my new post: 

How To Get Back To The Ableton Live 12 Demo Song


"In The Rain" by Ninajirachi is the awesome demo song that appears when you first open Ableton Live, the powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) that is widely used by musicians, producers, and DJs for creating and performing music. Unfortunately, It only shows up the first time you start the application and then it's gone. One of the great features of Ableton Live is the ability to experiment and create your own unique compositions but sometimes you may find yourself wanting to get back to the demo song "In The Rain" by Ninajirachi that comes bundled with the software. In this article, we will explore how to easily get back to the demo song in Ableton Live.

Option 1: Browser

  1. Launching Ableton Live:

    • Start by launching Ableton Live on your computer. Once the software is up and running, you will be greeted with the Ableton Live interface.
  2. Opening the Browser:

    • To access the demo song and other project files, you need to open the browser. Locate the "Browser" button on the left-hand side of the Ableton Live window and click on it. This will open the browser panel.
  3. Finding the Demo Song:

    • In the browser panel, you will see different categories such as "Places," "Categories," and "Packs." Look for the "Places" section, and within that section, find the "Live" folder. Expand the "Live" folder by clicking on the triangle icon next to it.
  4. Navigating to the Demo Song:

    • Once the "Live" folder is expanded, you will see various folders related to Ableton Live, including "Demo Songs." Click on the "Demo Songs" folder to access the collection of demo songs that come with the software.
  5. Previewing and Loading the Demo Song:

    • Within the "Demo Songs" folder, you will find a list of demo songs in Ableton Live's native format (.als). Take a moment to preview the different demo songs (by edition) by clicking on them. Ableton Live allows you to audition a demo song before loading it into your project.
  6. Loading the Demo Song:

    • Once you have found the demo song you want to use, double-click on it to load it into Ableton Live. The demo song will open in a new Live Set, and you can start exploring and modifying it as you please.
  7. Saving Your Work:

    • If you decide to make changes to the demo song or want to create a new version, it's important to save your work. Use the "Save" or "Save As" options in Ableton Live's File menu to save your modified demo song under a different name or in a specific location on your computer.

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Option 2: Application Contents

In this video I will show you the 2nd way to get back to the Ableton Live demo song on a Mac via the Application contents.



By following these steps, you can easily get back to the demo song in Ableton Live (Ninajirachi - In The Rain) and start working with it. Remember, the demo songs provided by Ableton are excellent starting points for your own musical ideas. You can use them as inspiration, learn from their arrangement and sound design techniques, or simply use them as a reference to understand how different elements are put together in a composition.

Ableton Live offers amazing possibilities for creativity, and being able to return to the demo song at any time allows you to explore new musical directions and experiment with various techniques. So go ahead, dive back into the demo song, and let your creativity fly in Ableton Live!


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