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i think that my biggest help in music production of my career so far has been being a person that gets invited to studio sessions and whether that's just even meeting people in the first place to like talk and be brave enough to like tell them why i want to talk to them and be like this is what i'm about and like i would really like love to come to your session or whatever like can i give you my phone number or whatever it is you know like and i mean it's weird to say like oh just like make sure you're like likable so everyone will want to like invite you to the thing but i would just say like be eager be and like show that you really want to come

to just like help their thing and just like you just want to be there to experience it because you know experiencing you know sometimes i think people forget that especially like older engineers and like people that have been doing it like how cool is it that we get to go you know i i get to record at this one studio down here that it's called mix art studios in montreal and they have like this old vintage like 60s knee board all these like old compressors and and the studio has like a huge 1800 steinway in it and it's like huge and it's all like beetles-esque like it feels all acid trippy or something and it's so dope and like it's vibed out so sick the guys there are so nice they have like a cool barbecue and it's just like i get to go in there i get to like smoke

weed and record people and just like have a good time you know and it's so crazy that people forget just like how sick that is you know and like just people there's like a 15 year old there out there somewhere being like oh my god if only i could be like around all this old gear and like record people the tape and and it's like you know that stuff like a lot of us there well not a lot of us get to do but people in our industry anyways do and it's like sometimes you forget that it's like your 14 year old self would be like so pumped you know and just be like this is the sickest you know you're all like stressed about like doing drum replacement but like it's like it's pretty sick and uh sorry i don't even know if that answered the question i don't know yeah like okay i also would say and if you do get

invited to a session make sure you don't like talk too much or like give too much input or anything fly on the wall 100 of the time is gonna work for you where but like be a fly on the wall but also be helpful fly on the wall but like get people coffee and like just just get it for him don't say nothing just like you know bring some like you know producer like loves gum and like bring a pack of gum and just be like yo like grab this for you like how i noticed that you drink like loads of almond lattes like i just grabbed you one when i showed up like right and i know that that's like it's like kissing ass without kissing too much ass you know it's just like it's just about setting the setting the vibe just one less thing people need to think about that's how you're right now you're getting called back for sure

we're not even called back but just allowed in it's like and people people if you're stoked enough people like want you to be there you know right yeah they they need help they want people that are going to be assertive and [Music] understand what kind of help they need and confident enough to ask to be allowed there in the first place right totally and and yeah and then like everything else like and every person you're gonna work with is gonna want different stuff every artist is different you're a different day-to-day it's like you're just trying to do your best you know and it's like keep learning and let go of that's out of your control like you know it's like back your up i don't know like what else do you say it's like back your ** up 

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