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i just noticed a few um weeks ago that i have something i was making all the time it was making all my sounds with one sound and sometimes with no sound it means i i made a full track like with a a silence recording cool a digital silence not like a silence in a room where you can you have background noise no just a digital basically no microphone played into the interface and so i i love taking one sound and just like uh taking it to i don't know like transform and transform until it's completely something else and also

what i love is is just the music itself which is i think most of it's based on theme and variation so the thing is you can really go really far with just one drum loop if you play with audio loops and maybe sometimes you can run into like a beautiful drum loop but it's all that you have for your song but it's it kind of doesn't work because you cannot make us a whole song with the same audio loop repeating the same thing especially when it's a two bar drum loop i mean after like one verse and maybe one chorus it's like okay yeah we get it and um the thing we have to to think when we produce music on a computer is to uh humanize it a bit and

humanize things means variation all the time and a great way to achieve that with as a simple way in life with a drum loop is to use the [Music] the the the automation and envelopes and to unlinked them from their original length so you can have like endless variation of the same thing and the one i wanted to show today but the sound doesn't work on in live right now it was um i'm a really huge fan of all not all but a few algorithms of warp so for this one i i would use beads i love trying you know uh multiply part two divide per two two up just another beat another rhythm another speed in fact and

and and then uh yeah you have like you can automate a sample of sets so it means you can a bit uh reorganize the time the the events over the time so that's a great one to de-link i don't know if i'm clear but you know what i mean unlink the envelope of the sample of sets and try random things take the pen try random values and [Music] just record recent resample and then you will have endless choices of variation of the very first drum loop so no uh boring things no boring song anymore right and and you can have fun i mean this is just one automation but

you can just add transposition little transposition and link the envelope as well plus this sample of set you can you can already have crazy things going and and then or you can automate i don't know anything you can add some racks at some effects and make things move that's uh the the movement in electronic music in music made with a computer is something like an obsession for me like always think about even if it's in the detail because at the end it's how you recognize a really good music producer it's it's not to use the difference that's just a ton of little details but when you add all the details of an open up and up that makes that huge difference and making some tiny

variation even if we we are not able to tell you know even if the listeners are not like wow have you heard how the the hi-hats move all the time no nobody is going to say that okay unless there is a critical music critical listening course in a school you know and if you're lucky to be in the the the songs they they they listen to but nobody's gonna say that but it it affects the brain and the way you listen to music so our brain needs movement it's things to not getting bored and that's how you keep your your listener so movement tiny variation that's great the same the same way that you know when you look at a
good drummer you can like stare at him because you don't know what he's gonna do the next second it's like always like little things and it's especially true with drums because there are a lot of instruments in a drum and and because they they they are making variation all the time just you know bring the chorus like go back to i mean a good runner so yeah velocity play with the grid

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