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okay so my category is networking love it um and i'll just tell you because it's very important as an artist or honestly in any creative industry like whoever is listening to this you don't have to be in music like you know in any creative industry networking is very important um but one like make sure you step outside of your comfort zone you know um shout out to raquel v for teaching me that but like she said you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable right so you have to step outside of that comfort zone so it's like that is true like if i'm so comfortable all the time am i growing right so step outside of your comfort zone like if you're a hip-hop artist go support you know a different artist and you know just go support each other in that way like if you're afraid of going to the show because you don't know anyone like just do it like you will start to once you start going to more things you start to know everybody um and so number two was pretty much for me like go to events that you haven't been to before like support other people

meet other people that way three if you're interested in collaborating with people reach out to artists on social media good old nardwar shouts out to nardwar shout out he always says like you know when i would sometimes want to have an interview with these artists i would dm them on instagram and that's how i get my interview and he's like a lot of people thought it was weird but he's like that's how i get some of my best interviews and it's like yeah like reach out to some of these local acts if you want to work with them and you don't have to do it in person i've had some of my best songwriting sessions this year through zoom so i'm like you just have to be able to like want to do the work and if you're good at what you do you're going to be able to do the work you know like so if you feel like working out with working with some of these artists reach out to them on social and then figure out your like local like music communities like there's so many different ones and a lot of them have newsletters right like we were talking about music bc before like you should have that newsletter in your email every week because we were telling you about grants and funding that you can apply for we're telling you about shows and

stuff like that we're telling you about artists we're telling you about so many different programs but it's not just us there's so many like local communities here and like not just vancouver because again like i do hope this reaches everywhere but it's like figure out what it is in your city and follow them on social media follow their newsletter reach out to them and have a meeting with them if you need to and figure out how they can like help you like figure out what resources they have for you because there's so many resources in every country and a lot of cities and stuff like that and people are just like not aware at all so that is some networking stuff because like i always tell people like you know i talk to them once in an email the next thing you know i meet them in a show next thing you know i know they're an artist and the next thing you know i'm booking them to get a paid gig like you know it's just there's just ways that things happen so cool so if if they're not if somebody's listening and they're not from vancouver or not from british columbia

what would they look for this would be like a singer songwriter musicians uh yeah um support network in their city yeah association yeah i would say so for like anybody within canada there is a provincial music team in each in each province so there's an alberta music sas music manitoba music ontario music all the way till the end um if you're outside of canada put it on your instagram like throw it up on your story and be like anyone know of any like music companies i can like reach out to or or just start to like follow and stuff like that like start putting stuff on your social media people have answers do your own research and google it to like local music events or like i always write that because i'm always looking for like newsletter articles and i'm always writing like vancouver music events or vancouver music and then i'm just seeing what pops up because there's also blogs that write stuff so you'll find blogs online you'll find event

pages online so you just got to start like googling which is our best friend your city's music scene that's so great i love that um i've just got a question that i don't have written down but it just sort of occurred to me if somebody wanted to be an artist manager if that was something that interested them what do you think what what would they do like how would they get started i know you're not a manager but what would you be like i would say find the artist that you would dream to work with in the city like so say it's like you know somebody in victoria bc like they were like i really want to be a manager well is there an act in victoria that you think you can hop on and do you have the time to do it for free as like an intern almost at that point and start to figure out what you can offer them because there's a lot of people that are like i'm so good at social media i'm good at marketing it's like but i want to be in the music scene i'm like have you ever tried to collaborate with an artist and see what you can do for them like free pro bono like you know like what can you do for that person do it
and then show them that you can do it and the next thing you know they can vouch for you when you want to do it for the next person yep you know like you or kristina can always vouch for me if i need it right like you just have to prove yourself to people at the end of the day yeah i agree and start off with it's like do free free photo shoots for five artists next thing you know they're telling their friend they're doing it for really cheap for 100 bucks and that band's like 100 bucks holy we'll pay for that right easy part just be easy work i'm totally kidding it's not easy until you're ready [Music]

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