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i'm honestly really good at starting an idea and that's when i come back to the sampling thing so usually when i get a sample from splice that i really like right here chord progression from splice or anything honestly usually the first thing i do is i go and i make the bass line it's the first thing i do i just get the bass notes or the key notes from all the parts after that i usually um make the chord progression out of the bass notes so it makes it so much simpler because you already know the root note you know the key everything and then you can get rid of that sample if you want to because you already have a clear idea like you already have a nice chord progression or you have a nice melody and then honestly from that i usually go into adding a vocal on the same key and i always add the vocal and i only listen to it with the bassline and the bass line is always just a long like reese bass i just use a like a move bass i just use that just to lay it out if the vocal for me if the vocal and those chords in a piano whatever it is sound good already it's most likely the rest of the song is going to sound great and from that you can get to experiment and that depends along the song that you want to go for i've realized that let's say a chill song usually has longer notes so they just use sustain notes whereas if you go into if you cut it you add like little like triplets or anything like that the song becomes groovier so for me it's always like take that take the sample and create the chord progression around it create the bass line around it at least the notes and then from there you can honestly go any direction you want and becomes making a song so like not simple but at least so many ideas are going to come through your head and at least you can know right away in the first 10 minutes okay is it worth it continue working on this or is it not worth it because i think a lot of people sometimes finish stuff and then they're like okay it wasn't worth it at the end so maybe you start like then looking for vocals or you start like or you have the vocals and then you have the instrumental and they are like okay this doesn't work this doesn't work this doesn't work and they add a lot of stuff for me it's as simple as if i hear the chords with like for me any song a song is good if you can listen to it on a piano and then just the vocal that makes it sound good for me like if the song sounds good like that then when you add all the stuff that you're gonna add it's gonna sound ten times better how can you improve that so i think that would be for me like for everyone it would be just like i know there's a big stigma around samples people say that's cheating or that's not like you're not learning or anything like that but honestly a song is a song like it doesn't matter a song like a good song is a good song like all the chord progressions are already made everyone's used all progress all chord progressions have been used hundred percent totally and there's people that even like take cor i even take chord progressions from old songs like i i go and i listen to i don't know still dre by dr dre and snoop dogg and then i take the chord progression from that and i make a song out of that it's all chord progressions and they're not copyrighted because you cannot copyright a chord progression um and then you can make your own melody from that honestly and it makes it really simple once you have everything laid out and you hear a vocal that's why i love supplies so much because you can just find the vocal on the same key or even on a different key but you can transpose it and that makes it so much easier obviously a good vocal from a vocalist that is written specifically for your song it's great but at the same time um like look at nothing to compare it's just splice vocal and honestly a lot of my songs are splice vocals and they've done pretty good so cool so yeah i would go yeah that would be this like let's say something that i would encourage a lot of people to do is take sampling the right away you don't have to use the original sample necessarily but you can get a lot of inspiration from that sample you can generally get a whole song just out of that sample and you just you just use the the sample as sort of the the template and then you build the song around it and then the musical sample i mean and then some a lot of times you'll just remove that sample and see what's left yeah exactly you can you can end up removing the sample because you made the sample like you try to recreate the sample and maybe it sounds better you did a better sound for it like all those things just make it so much easier so and i know you were talking about you know some people don't like that like they think that's cheating or something but yeah that's all music is all music is is we hear music from the past we go whoa that's cool it all goes into our brain and then we do our version of it that's all music has ever been exactly right and then the technology oh sorry go ahead go no you go ahead um no i was just saying yeah the people nowadays they want to make their own kicks they want to make their own stuff they like using samples is just bad but i just think it helps a lot like it's just it's just the most helpful way you can have for inspiration for sure and there's nothing wrong with designing your own kicks and and all that stuff that's almost a completely different thing like that's not even that's just the sonics of it which is an amazing world right like creating sounds is is different than creating songs and they they work well together but it's uh it's two different things and if you can do both great exactly like some people get the joy like they get joy from making new sounds from sound designing that's amazing like i never i i know a little bit of sound design like i learned i have to learn so i cannot just go into serum and then i use presets a lot well let's say i have this preset then i wanted to have an lfo or i want something different for it or i want the lfo to be on the cutoff or something like that like you still have to learn that right so it's those little things that you can learn so you can make better stuff so yeah i think sound design is really important but in my case it's not the focus let's say right because the songs are the focus for you right coming up with a great song exactly that's that's awesome great answer lots of great stuff in there i love it so much

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