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it's important to find out uh what you like and how you connected to music or your art in the first place so when i was writing a lot of music or when i started writing a lot of music i was writing a lot of electronic stuff and sound design stuff um but i didn't like going to concerts i didn't really like going to live shows because i to me like i've said earlier this like music is very like vulnerable and personal so being around a lot of people and hearing it and like experiencing that was uncomfortable for me i like to be alone with headphones on when i listen to music so for me that part finding out what i liked was that i didn't really it didn't really make a lot of sense for me to make club bangers or you know like festival festival music when i just wanted to like lay down in bed and listen ahead listen to music with my headphones on so at that point was when i kind of realized i wanted to write yeah what's interesting about electronic music is the freedom but something i maybe don't really care for is like the insane energy of it you know i'm more relaxed that's what i like and i'm going to start looking in that direction so that was kind of the first turning point for me with music the second thing i would say is really important is to try and integrate your talents and interests so um once i kind of figured out i didn't want to write as much electronic music i realized maybe i should start you know using vocals in my music but i had a lot of issues finding vocalists so i started just trying out my own vocals and you know they they weren't spectacular but that added another element to my music that wasn't there before and now i was you know i was able to produce the beat sing on it master it and send it out everything was this you know this nice little package that i was able to do myself and that way it's very much you and you're gonna have elements in that song that are uniquely yours and they weren't touched by anyone else so there's no other opinion injected into it other than your own and i think that is like really special and i think now my music the music that i make but you know future i'll send you some of the stuff i'm doing now it's very much me and it doesn't sound like you know like yeah maybe one of the tracks here is fundamentally a house song but it it's it's my house song you know what i mean and that's because of integrating you know my vocals into music and you know i've always liked to draw so i'm just drawing my cover art now that's another thing you can pull in so whatever it is you like you know it can be other instruments you know if you like go-karting take videos of go-karting and make that your music video you whatever like little things like that is something that can really personalize your brand too but also just you know it can it'll make you happier if you're doing all the things you like and finding a way to put them together it's a really really cool experience to be able to do that totally um the third step i had written was to develop your voice your artistic voice um and integrating all of those elements is something that can really help develop your voice and it's just something that takes time you know you'll figure it out at some point i remember when i'd started writing music i was scrambling so hard to try and find my sound and everything i wrote sounded like something someone else you know because i was like super into certain labels so all my music i wrote you know for the first couple years sounded like music that would release off bit bird because i like bit bird so much that was kind of what was going on there um but after a while i like after i wrote that the blue ep i was like oh this this really has a sound now like this is something this is like my voice in this ep like it's very apparent that this sounds like me and now i can't even shake it i can't write anything else that doesn't sound like my voice because you know i don't know it's there i've developed it and this is something that takes time but it's something that's really important if you want to display display your opinion um so yeah develop your voice and find a way to to to share it i guess find mediums that work you know and then i guess this kind of ties into my fourth point which is basically just to find a way to market your voice or develop a brand around it and i think that's kind of an ugly word for artistry i think a better way to put it is to develop a world sounds kind of corny but it's a really good way to put it because you know if you're an artist you have an idea of what your music looks like or what your art sounds like or you know anything like that like you you create in this in this head space and you have a very clear idea of what it is but no one else knows what it is and it's super super special and unique to you and you know that it's different and you know it's unique and you know that like people there's there's huge opportunity for people to enjoy it but they can't see what you see so i think part of the challenge as an artist and part of growing as an artist is finding a way to expand that world outside of your own head and finding a way to get other people to view it in the same way that you do which is hopefully special and i think that finding your demographic is something that i've had a lot of trouble with because i've still i've still had a lot of trouble finding a way to get you know the world out of my head and on to instagram or something you know like sometimes it's really complicated you know finding an audience isn't always complicated but finding your audience is you know maybe a little bit harder if you're not making pop music or you know what's trendy you have to find a way to get it to appeal to the people who think like you do um and sometimes that's difficult but yeah i would say those are like my four points and like what's usually on my mind as an artist and like how i like to create and you know where i want to go um and i think you know all of those ideas were presented to me at some point by someone and i think they've stayed with me because they appeal to me as an artist and i think they're very very useful and you know if you're an artist if you're a singer or a songwriter or a painter or whatever animator these are all really useful ways to to grow i think to grow and to learn as an artist

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