How to stream audio on Clubhouse with a Rodecaster


Learn how to stream music on Clubhouse for DJ streams or to enhance your rooms and clubs with higher quality audio. Clubhouse: Clubs: club/levels-fm-podcast, club/learn-music-production Hey, I'm Futch Ableton Certified Trainer, music production coach. Today I'm going to show you how to stream audio onto the Clubhouse app using a device called the Rodecaster Pro. It's a little expensive at about $600 USD, there are some cheaper options that I'll talk about in a second here. So first of all clubhouse is an audio-only app where you can basically chat, it's kind of like a cross between a Zoom call and a Zoom webinar. So I'll do another video on sort of what the app is if you don't know if you're interested in whatever reason you want to stream audio, whether you want to just have a streaming room where people are listening to music, and there's no talking, or whether you want some audio to playback in the background like sound effects or just music underneath you talking. I'm going to show you how to do that. So first of all clubhouse is currently invite-only. And it's currently iOS only. So iPhone or iPad, you have to own one of those to be able to use the app right now. I think they're gonna open it up to Android and other devices later, but right now it's iOS only. And not all streaming interfaces for iOS are compatible with Clubhouse that's why I'm making this video just to show you one that is and yeah, get you started. So there are like I said, there are some other devices that are rumored to work. I haven't tried these out but the IK Multimedia iRig two is a cheaper option at about 40 or $50. The Zoom Livetrack P9 and the Zoom Podtrack P4 are some more options. I think the Podtrack P4 is less expensive. Please comment below if you've had any experience with those and let everybody know if they work or not. But I think those ones possibly do. So the Rodecaster Pro with the Clubhouse app. Let's talk about that. First of all, I believe the audio that streaming is only mono. It might depend on your device. I'm not exactly sure. So basically, that means it's not stereo. It still sounds pretty decent. Sounds pretty good. But that might be a deal-breaker for some of you. I think the most important thing here is aside from the Rodecaster and your iOS device and an invite to Clubhouse, you're going to need a 3.5-mm TRRS cable. So that's different than a 3.5-mm TRS cable which you might be more familiar with. The TRS cable has four metal conductors, and three black plastic rings separating those conductors. That's how you can tell so it's got four pieces of metal three pieces of plastic in between the ring, the regular TRS cables have three pieces of metal and two black rings. Those are no good for this configuration. And you will need to order that TRS cable separately, you're also going to need to order an SD card to record on to separately and I would recommend that you buy the accessory power cable to otherwise it's powered by USB, which will work fine but I would just rather have my power separate than my USB audio input. So if your iPad has an audio jack output like mine does, I can just plug that TRS cable right into the iPad Pro in my case and then into the jack on the back of the Rodecaster pro that looks like the little phone and it works. Um, I have an iPhone six plus, and it has a cable, but the iPhone six plus won't let me update to iOS 13 and you need iOS 13 to be able to run clubhouse so I do have a phone jack but it's no good in this case. So compatibilities a bit of an issue. If you have a newer phone. I think everything after the 6 plus will work fine but you won't have a phone jack. So in that case, you're going to need one of these Lightning to TRRS adapters. The Rodecaster has sample pads that come with stock sounds and you can put your own sounds on the sample pads too. So you can have like a radio show with sound effects laughter whatever samples you can even put full DJ sets or single songs in there if you want to help organize your broadcast. It's got a USB input so you can send signal from your laptop or your desktop computer. In my case, I'm using that to playback songs from Spotify or YouTube and that'll just show up on a channel of your Rodecaster and be broadcast right into Clubhouse. The icon that looks like the iOS device is where your phone or your iPad is going to communicate with Clubhouse. So that'll be The input and the output between the phone or iPad and clubhouse. That's where your TRS cable is going to connect on the back. The Rodecaster has a Bluetooth input so you can send signal out of a Bluetooth device and into your Rodecaster. So again, maybe like a non iOS phone or an iOS phone or your laptop, you can send it in there. #clubhouse #clubhouseapp #rodecaster #rodecasterpro #rode

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