How to Record & Transcribe Audio from Clubhouse 👋 with Backstage


hey i'm futch ableton certified trainer music production coach and i'm doing kind of a follow-up video to one that i did a while ago on how to stream high quality audio into the clubhouse app so this is a new free app called backstage that works with clubhouse so what it does is it allows you to record transcribe and make custom audio clips from clubhouse audio which is pretty cool so first you're gonna go to product hunt you can download it click where it says get it you can read some reviews here you don't have to go to product hunt you can go directly to the website this is their website you can sign up that'll take you here so there's two ways you can get your audio into backstage one is by pre-recording a clubhouse room and uploading the audio here and i'll show you how to do that in a second

the other way is to schedule a clubhouse room and then copy and paste the url from the room in this box and then backstage will record it when the room goes live so let's do method number one first and that's uploading your audio that you record in clubhouse the first thing you want to do is open up voice memos on iphone or some other similar app that you can record your voice with i'm sure your phone has one and then get that recording and then we're gonna go over to clubhouse and i start a room do a closed room i'll bring in my test pal [Music] start the room and now it's it gives us the recording heads up warning because it knows we're recording um and that's fine you need to get people's permission before you can record them on clubhouse which is good okay so now we're recording so now i'm

going to take this recording so so i can leave the room anytime i want now so i'll leave the room and room so you can just airdrop or email that file to yourself choose file and then go and find your the voice recording file which is right there open and then it's gonna upload the file processing here it is you can preview it up here and then once it's done you can share you can publish it to their page and then you get a link and just send the link to yourself or whatever and then it shows up here then i go to clubhouse okay so now you can uh share this with

your friends you can request to have the recording removed so it generates this little like recap thing sort of written in third person and then you can click here and it'll generate a transcript which is you know classic ai transcription it's pretty accurate like probably 90 to 95 it's not going to capitalize some words it's going to miss some brand words or whatever but it's pretty close which is a little bit scary uh shout out ai um spare my life please if it comes down to that um but yeah it's pretty cool so you get a transcript you've got your audio that you can share you've got your audio link then i go to and um yeah so now i'll show you the second way that you can capture the audio in backstage so this method is to schedule a room recording so you just go to clubhouse

again and you make a new event just create a a scheduled room so this room is going to start tomorrow at 6 00 pm and you can set it under a host club so i'll set it under my learn music production club uh join that on clubhouse if you're on clubhouse and follow me @futch so you set the time and then you send the link to yourself you publish it and then send the link to yourself just copy it from the copy link email it or whatever to yourself copy your clipboard so you pop the link in here hit schedule it's going to give you the notice that you have to notify people when you're recording the room so you just put that big red circle in the name of your room that notifies people that you're going to be recording that room and then it's going to show up like this so this one you can see this one's scheduled for tomorrow at 6 00 pm so here's
the ones that i've recorded the upload way and then here's a scheduled way so i hope that helps you record your rooms from clubhouse i've just been releasing some podcast episodes so head back to my channel if you want to take a listen to those i interview music producers and artists about how they got started in their careers and what their techniques are it's pretty cool stuff all right peace out

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