Ableton Live 11 - Your First 90 Minutes

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A walkthrough of Ableton Live 11 for beginners. Download the free trial of Ableton Live 11 Suite and follow along with me as we create some simple drum beats, basslines, and chords. Free Ableton Live Key Commands Download

Hey, I'm Futch Ableton Certified Trainer, music production coach. In this series of videos, I'm just going to walk you through your first hour or so of Ableton Live. I'm not really going to explain anything, I'm just gonna show you what I'm doing and not really explain the concepts. And I want you to just follow along and copy me. I'll demonstrate the procedure while you follow along. We won't get too technical and instead focus on creating music. I'll repeat the steps over and over until it makes sense to you and in 90 minutes you should be able to make a simple song and export it. Follow me on Instagram @levelsmusicpro  LevelsFM music production podcast coming soon SUBSCRIBE to this channel to get notified about podcast episodes and Ableton Live videos. LEVELS Music Production #learnlive #live11 #abletonlive11 #ableton #abletonlive

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