Ableton Live 11: Top 17 New Features

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Ableton Live 11 was announced today. Here are my Top 17 New Features. Come back for more Ableton Live and Music Production Videos soon. Learn Live 11. Free Ableton Live Key Commands Download: Vocals: @mixedbyellag Download 20 Essential Ableton Live Key Commands document here: Hi, I'm Futch, Ableton certified trainer, music production coach and I'm gonna show you 17 new features of Ableton Live 11. Let's go! 17 The Look. Live 11 looks crisp and clear. If you go to preferences you can change the themes and compare them with the Live 10 versions. 16 MIDI Polyphonic Expression. MPE or MIDI Polyphonic Expression. If you have an MPE enabled keyboard, you can record and edit MPE data, and Wavetable, Sampler & Arpeggiator are all updated to support MPE. 15 Spectral Effects. 2 new effects, Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time, both based on a spectrogram. Spectral Resonator also has MIDI mode 14 Effects Folders. Each of Live's audio effects are now separated into eight folders divided by effects types as opposed to just alphabetically 13 Templates Folder. Under "Categories", there's a new templates folder. This was always there before but it was kind of hidden. So now you can have different templates for the different types of things you want to do songwriting podcasting mixing 12 New Clip View. So, the clip view has been reorganized and simplified. There's no scale probability and randomize and follow actions are easier to use 11 Scales Mode. Clicking the scale button now defines which notes belong to that scale. And you can fold the scale to hide notes that aren't in that scale. 10 Probability. Each MIDI note can now be assigned a probability of occurring. 9 Randomize. You have the option to randomize Velocity and Probability. 8 Macro Snapshots. Macro variations can now be saved to snapshots and randomized. 7 Follow Actions. So the follow actions are now a little easier to find and use. They're located under the new Extended Clip view and they have a slider. You can also now create follow actions for scenes. If you pull out the scene launcher on the master fader, you have the ability to change the tempo and time signature for each scene. 6 Follow Tempo. Follow tempo is a new external sync mode that allows Live to follow incoming audio so imagine like a turntable or a drummer. 5 Video Clips. Any mp4 files with video and or audio can be used as clips in the Arrangement View just as they could be with audio-only clips. This allows you to do some cool video editing. like Like subscribe, hit the bell in the comment section below. Don't forget to LIKE subscribe, hit the bell. live your lives do whatever you want to do. like, subscribe live your lives. 4 Hybrid Reverb. A new reverb effect is a combination of convolution reverb and algorithm reverb. You can run the two types in series or parallel. And you can even put your own impulse response files into the convolution side. 3 CPU load metering. So there are now CPU load meters on each track that show you how much CPU processing they're using. I think this is a really useful feature. And you can also set the main CPU meter to show average or peak usage 2 Linked track editing. Comping and other phase lock editing operations can now be performed on multiple tracks at once. 1 take recording and comping. So this is my favorite one. Tracks can now contain multiple take lanes, and you take land is created each time you record. And now you can comp together audio or MIDI takes to create the perfect track. So what is your favorite new feature of Live 11? Let me know in the comment section below, like subscribe, hit the bell. live your lives. Peace 0:00 Intro 0:10 The Look 0:24 MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression) 0:42 Spectral Effects 1:22 Effects Folders 1:39 Templates Folder 1:57 New Clip View 2:11 Scales Mode 2:24 Probability 2:44 Randomize 3:04 Macro Snapshots 3:35 Follow Actions 4:16 Follow Tempo 4:35 Video Clips 5:30 Hybrid Reverb 6:46 CPU Load Metering 7:08 Linked Track Editing 8:05 Take Recording and Comping Vocal Editing Ableton Live #ableton #learnlive #live11 #futch

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