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Question: "How can I record vocals takes and give the artist a chance to catch his breath before the next take?" Question courtesy of Flame of Truth Download 20 Essential Ableton Live Key Commands for Mac & PC here: Follow me on Instagram: @levelsmusicpro Hey, I'm Futch, Ableton Certified Trainer, music production coach. Today I just have a quick video based on a question I got on YouTube from Flame of Truth. Shout out Flame of Truth, I'll put the link to his YouTube channel in the description. The question was: "When you're loop recording vocal takes in Ableton Live 11 with the new take recording feature, how do you give the singer enough time in between takes to catch their breath?" Maybe you want to have a quick discussion with them or something. So the two answers I gave for that are: 1) You could extend the length of the loop bar to give them more time at the beginning or the end of the loop so the loops longer and there's some blank space at the beginning of the end. Or 2) You can just take the loop off altogether. And just record takes at your leisure talk in between takes discuss the take give them time to get a drink of water or whatever. And Ableton Live 11 will automatically save those recordings that you record through the one vocal track as separate takes in take lanes, which is super helpful. So we're going to just do that really quickly here. Okay, so that's how you do that you can give your singer lots of time in between takes you can discuss the vocals you can let them take a drink of water, whatever you need to do. All right, I'm gonna post a longer video on in-depth vocal comping in Ableton Live 11 up here you can click that if you want to get any more in-depth information. Don't forget to like and subscribe hit that bell come back here for more Ableton Live and music production training videos. Peace! #learnlive #live11 #abletonlive11 #ableton #abletonlive

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