20 Essential Ableton Live 11 Key Commands

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Download the Key Commands document here:  20 Essential Ableton Live Key Commands - Mac & PC  Hey, this is Futch Ableton Certified Trainer, music production coach. This is going to be a quick video I'm just going to show you 20 essential Ableton Live key commands. Let's go.

One, Tab toggles between the Session View and the Arrangement View. Two, Shift Tab toggles between the Device view and the Clip view. Three, option command B, shows and hides the browser. Four, option command L, shows and hides the detail. Five, command comma brings up your Preferences window. Six, right-click the context menu, depending where you are, that's going to bring up a different menu right-click is your friend in Ableton Live just hover over something you want to do right click and the answer might be right there in the context menu Seven, command L. Toggle loop bar. This is also used to highlight the audio when you export Eight, Command D, duplicate Nine, command E separate Ten, zero clear Eleven, Command T new audio track Twelve, shift Command T new MIDI track Thirteen, option Command T new return track Fourteen B draw mode Pencil Tool Fifteen, command U quantize 16 shift Command U quantize settings Seventeen, M toggles the computer MIDI keyboard on and off Eighteen Z X the octave range for that computer mini keyboard night Nineteen, C V incoming note velocity for the computer MIDI keyboard Twenty, command M brings up the Edit MIDI map. Bonus, and you already know these, Command S save Command C is copy. Command V is paste and command Z is undo. There you go.

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