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so for djing um like like i said before for me i try to make mix seamlessly and um the one thing that i feel like most intermediate djs out there are struggling with is looking at the damn waveform on the decks so if there's one exercise that you could do when you're mixing to get better just stop looking period just load up your track get rid of that waveform screen and start listening that was one of the things that i was experimenting to do and it and i was practicing that and it at first i was i was like wow this is hard and then i kept on doing it kept on doing it and it's i think it really elevated my skills in djing

yeah um so that's probably one of the most important things and i think there's a huge advantage when you do that because when i dj i have my wav files um completely zoomed out so it's just like a bar like a thick mush of just solid brick and um and i can see where my fills are and what my fields kind of look like so if you do that it helps you to mix better for the fills too because the fills often i'll hear people like blowing the fills and just it sounds because like fills her like everything in the song i feel especially in dance music um so if you do that trick you'll be able to better judge where the fills are and you can really really sync up with the fills and really let the fill shine when when that's what they're meant to do is

take you away and then bring you back so um so that's one of the the major things that i would advise i think for someone who's trying to get better one notch better than what like maybe you're you know you can mix pretty well like you're playing already um but you know like once you start getting booked for banger hour club gigs sometimes it's so damn loud and and you have to be able to really know what you're hearing and sometimes you can't see the damn screen if you're doing like a sunset set like sometimes just happens you know so it's important to to be listening and that was one of the first things that people taught me when i learned how to dj but when you have those waveforms and like those things to line you up the grids you you always forget you always forget oh i should just listen because you want to be looking like serato is right there like on your mac you want to

be looking at it but it's important to just stop looking at it period that's awesome yeah that was the one thing that i i noticed that got me way better in mixing when i was doing it lots um just at my gigs yeah so what about production ones production um the one thing that i would advise is use a damn eq on every track but don't over eq i love eqs eqs are like everything if that one that plugin i should have picked should have been an eq yeah eqs are freaking everything yeah sometimes i feel like an eq can make or break um your track yeah do you use mostly subtractive eq or additive or both you don't care uh mostly subtractive and it's very simple eq it's just getting rid of the

that you don't need on everything because it all it all adds up it all makes a huge difference and it's you learn that in school as well but it's again one of those things that you always forget okay yeah i think that's good life advice just remove all the yeah yeah stop clearing the more i the more i teach music production the more i realize this is all just life advice music production is is life advice yeah exactly um that's so great what do you think are the commonalities between um djing and production like what are your maybe what are your favorite commonalities where where do they meet that really excites you like eq's one right yeah yeah um actually the part where they meet that's most exciting for me is when you're making so expression i think like just being able to get an idea out of your head

and then have it be reciprocated then and for you to perceive is so cool so when you're mixing i think it's the same like to be mixing a track into another track it's it's it's different it's not just that's why dj that's why it's it's a performance that's why there's a spot in the industry for it you know it's a different type of craft and yeah where they meet is the expression like you're you're you are expressing when you're djing do what i mean like just maybe in two different ways but it feels good to just be able to express you know it feels good to be able to get up there and i think controlling might be the wrong word for it but you know just being able to take control of the expression of the room expression of how you want to protect yourself as a dj do you know what i mean it just it's an outlet [Music]

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