Experience: Podcast Audio Editing


In this intermediate level online mini-course you will practice cleaning up and maximizing the sonic clarity of podcast voice tracks.

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Audio Prep

Import the provided audio into your DAW of choice or use the provided Ableton Live Set and line up the audio beginning and end points for all voice tracks

Fix Audio Issues

Remove noise, maximize the sound of each voice with EQ and dynamics processing, and balance the mix levels

Listen Through

 Listen to the podcast and go back to fix any pops, clicks or volume level discrepancies that you may have missed

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Previous knowledge of DAW audio engineering is required for this Intermediate level mini-course

All you will need is:

1. A Computer (Mac or PC)

2. Headphones or Speakers

3. A DAW of your choice

The course is taught using Ableton Live Suite on a Mac. Ableton offers a 90-Day Free Trial


Here's a sample of what's inside...

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No other costs when you use your DAW of choice or the Abelton Live Free 90-day trial

  • Line up voice tracks
  • Remove noise
  • Remove clicks
  • EQ the voices
  • Control dynamics
  • Balance levels

Learn how to make podcast voices sound great   💻 🎙


Podcast voices need to be loud and clear to transmit the story to the listeners. 

Follow all the steps involved in making sure each voice is heard in this easy to understand mini-course and then practice what you've learned with a real podcast episode. 😃👍

60-day Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days you are unsatisfied with the results you get from my online courses just let me know and I will give you your money back.

I want to help you change your life for the better and achieve greatness in music production and song creation.


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Included with your Mini-Masterclass:

Practice Audio 

Hone your skills by practicing with a real podcast episode.

Video Modules

Follow along at your own pace. Easily locate the main points.

Free Updates

Lifetime access to the mini-course and any updates.

Mike C.

"Futch has allowed me to think wider by allowing me to be capable of ignoring the engineering rules of music to focus more on what sounds best for the desired effect. He brought forward a way of teaching that allowed me to discover musical experimentation at my own risk. An eye-opener for anyone thinking music production is done one way"

Dan B.

"Futch is the kind of teacher who makes learning fun and exciting. His enthusiasm and loveable personality paired with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge make him more than a formidable instructor. I learned a lot from him. Thanks Futch!"

Kelsey Jayde

"Futch was my instructor for four months, and I couldn’t have asked for a better more knowledgeable teacher. He was always delivering the information in an engaging and comprehensive way. Whether class was in person or online, Futch always made sure everyone was understanding and enjoying the lesson. He truly is a wonderful person and phenomenal teacher."

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