In this FREE beginner-to-intermediate level Mini-Course you will learn the fundamentals of EQ, Dynamics, Delay & Reverb, and then practice what you've learned using real sessions.

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Increase clarity, reduce mud, and define a foundation for each instrument and voice


Reduce unwanted noise, boost quiet sounds and control the volume levels of your tracks


Add dimensions of depth, space and ambience to your mixes with delay and reverb

No Experience Necessary

You can just watch at first to see if you're interested or not. In that case, all you'll need is a computer, phone, or tablet.

When you want to join in and try it all you will need is:

1. A Computer

2. Headphones or Speakers

3. Any DAW (audio software)

I'll be demonstrating using Ableton Live. You can download their Free Trial or use any DAW software you already own like Logic, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase, Etc.


Mike C.

"Futch has allowed me to think wider by allowing me to be capable of ignoring the engineering rules of music to focus more on what sounds best for the desired effect. He brought forward a way of teaching that allowed me to discover musical experimentation at my own risk. An eye-opener for anyone thinking music production is done one way"

Dan B.

"Futch is the kind of teacher who makes learning fun and exciting. His enthusiasm and loveable personality paired with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge make him more than a formidable instructor. I learned a lot from him. Thanks Futch!"

Kelsey Jayde

"Futch was my instructor for four months, and I couldn’t have asked for a better more knowledgeable teacher. He was always delivering the information in an engaging and comprehensive way. Whether class was in person or online, Futch always made sure everyone was understanding and enjoying the lesson. He truly is a wonderful person and phenomenal teacher."